Shoe Shopping

(Photo courtesy of Flickr: Martin Svalin) When we go to shoe stores, we always seem to find the perfect pair of shoes. However, the next day, our feet hurt again. It’s not the shoes, but rather from our behavior. When we look down and lift feet higher during shopping, we have a more proper weight distribution.

Nepalese Porters

(Photo courtesy of Bo Jørgensen) They use a super-simple and super-efficient technique in the mountains while keeping the energy cost for leg lifting the same. The center of mass (COM) will be higher for better balance. Forward/Backward tilting will help knee/hip extension.  


Common weeds found everywhere. Did you play this the tail? Squeeze the tail repeatedly, it will move. In muscle contraction, myosin head will detach/attach repeatedly to make the movement. Energy is used to detach myosin head while other myosin heads are holding.  

Chinese Finger Trap

When you pull your fingers, it gets tighter because of increased stiffness. Like shuffled cards. Muscles are acting the same way using a force (weight by gravity). Actin-myosin bridge bindings will get tighter by compressive force from stretch. This is how eccentric contraction gets powerful. Residual force enhancement comes from this.

Egyptian Statue Moving

(Photo: Arrow added from original on Wikipedia Commons: In the picture of moving a large statue, people are pulling in the front. One man is pouring water to sandy ground. Each rope will pull the sleigh from different directions: reacting friction force is weak from the collapse of sand. Poured water will harden the sand. [...]

Egyptian Pyramid Building

(Photo courtesy of Wikipedia: Ikiwaner) Laborers were paid workers, not slaves. They did it without using wheels. Not by aliens. ‘Wheels-in-wheels’ with simple levers. Enough number of connected blocks can pull a large/heavy block of granite, even uphill. Same principles can be applied for standing up large statues.  

Tai-Chi Postures

They appear to be soft and gentle. Slow shifting of weight support between legs. For optimal stiffness for balance, they need stiff arm/shoulder/back for balance. We can avoid abdomen contraction to allow diaphragmatic breathing. They are stiff in the back.  

Toddler Walking

It is very similar to a penguin waddling. Low COM requires the hyperextension of the upper body/head/arms. They put their hands up for a higher COM to make better balance. They use toe-walking for a strong ES/PS and a higher COM.  

Head Carrying

It is energy efficient. It requires no extra energy up to 60 lbs. Adding weight to the load on the head will not require any more energy because all we need is the energy for leg lifting. Balancing will be easier b/o higher center of mass (COM).