Taking a look at disease and other physical effects and their relationship to posture, ergonomics and movement.


Symptoms Can Include: Joint pain and stiffness Swelling & enlargement of the joint Skin irritation Can result in joint displacement and bone deformity Relationship to Body Structure and Behavior: Heeled shoes will lift the heel forward Backward compensatory movement will cause the spinal column to tilt backward Unstable gait from the loss of proper heel [...]

Callus and Corns

Symptoms Can Include: A hardened, raised bump Inflammation in the affected area Often accompanied by pain on touching area Dry, flakey or waxy skin in the area Relationship to Body Structure and Behavior: Pressure path on feet during stance phase will be on heel to toes The path has to be continuous and smooth Disruption [...]

Cervical Arthropathy and Cervical Disc Herniation

Symptoms Can Include: Neck pain, sometimes pain in the shoulder blade and even into the arm. Can include muscle spasms Decreased range of motion in the neck, may include inability to turn one's head or look up and down without pain. Overhead activities and long periods of sitting can aggravate pain. "Cracking" or "crunching" sensation Relationship to [...]

Facet Joint Arthropathy

Symptoms Can Include: Lumbar or cervical pain numbing muscle weakness   Relationship to Body Structure and Behavior: Each spine has two upper and tow lower facets with a large innervation just of spinal cord. Tightening of those joints to connect spines will be critical for force spread ES and PS contraction with other torso muscles contractions [...]

Hammer Toes

Symptoms Can Include: abnormal bend  in one or more of your toe joints Relationship to Body Structure and Behavior: Lack of lifting of swing legs will induce premature completion of the stance phase near MP joints Weight bearing on MP joints upon incomplete stance phase causes arthritic change of the joints Arthritic change will lead to thickening [...]

Ice-cream Headache / Brain Freeze

Symptoms Can Include: Sharp, stabbing pain focused in the forehead Relationship to Body Structure and Behavior: Not neuropathic Related to excessive fixation of eyes to a screen with forward leaning posture While posterior cervical muscles are holding head in positions, anterior cervical muscles are in prolonged contraction With cold stimuli (cold water or ice-cream) on pharyngeal [...]

Knee Osteoarthritis

Symptoms Can Include: knee pain that increases when active swelling and tenderness warmth around the knee knee stiffness and reduced mobility creeking or cracking sensation Relationship to Body Structure and Behavior: This condition can result from a  loss of hamstring pulley function during weight bearing. It is more common for people with short height or those using heeled shoes. Loosening of the joint(s) over a [...]

Lower Back Pain

Symptoms Can Include: Anything from dull ache to extreme pain in the lower region of the back. Relationship to Body Structure and Behavior: The erector spinae (ES) muscles are posture-muscles and eccentrically contract. Co-contractions of other postural muscles including the psoas muscles are very important to distribute force while extending the hip joint. For ES [...]

Lumbar Disc Herniation

Symptoms Can Include: Pain that is continues or sporadic in the lower back region Lower back muscle spasms Sciatica - tingling, numbing or pain down a leg Changes in bladder or bowel function Muscle weakness in the leg Relationship to Body Structure and Behavior: Upon landing of a step or lifting of a heavy object, [...]


Symptoms Can Include: Exteme head pain, often worse on one side Sensitivity to light and sound Difficulty concentrating Nausea and vomiting A feeling of weakness Sensitivity to smell May be accompanied by visual aura (see "Migraines with Aura") Relationship to Body Structure and Behavior: Its name implies ‘one-sided headache’, related to the rarity of lighting [...]

Migraine with Aura

Symptoms Can Include: Blind spots and/or vision loss Abnormal visual patterns like seeing flashing lights or zigzag patterns Tingling or numbness False sensory input: seeing, smelling, or hearing things that aren't really there. A feeling of weakness Relationship to Body Structure and Behavior: Auras caused by migraines are mainly visual symptoms, likely related to excessive contractions of [...]

Plantar Fascitis

Symptoms Can Include: Sharp pain in the arch or heal Relationship to Body Structure and Behavior: The passive structures of the foot arch are not sufficient during weight bearing of stance phase The intrinsic muscles of foot will be very important upon weight bearing If the intrinsic muscles are not engaged during weight bearing, the force [...]

Red Wine Headache

Symptoms Can Include: Headache Relationship to Body Structure and Behavior: Not limited to red wine (white wine too) Can occur after prolonged near-point work on computer with forward-leaning posture Results from activation of temporalis muscles for jaw-biting during prolonged concentration Sniffing wine/hyperextension of head and neck for the shape of wine glass/tasting with closed mouth will [...]

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Symptoms Can Include: Mild to severe facial pain May be accompanied by burning or tingling Sometimes muscle spasms Relationship to Body Structure and Behavior: This is not neuralgia Results from cramping of muscles attached to mastoid process (mostly Sternocleidomastoideus: SCM) SCM turns the head to the other side Related to activity requiring a prolonged duration of [...]